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Yerevan: The capital in Motion

Interview of Sevada Petrossian, Founder of urbanlab Yerevan with Azad french magazine.  You can download the final version in French here .  Interview by: Eric Artiga Sevada Petrossian, how professional are you and what does "urbanlab Yerevan”? Let me begin with the second part of the question. UrbanLab Yerevan (full name is UrbanLab Yerevan- Institute for Democratization of Urban Planning) is the result of long term collaboration between me and my partner Sarhat Petrosyan. A collaboration that started in the final year of our study at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction. That included not only professional aspect, but also civic activities focusing on preservation of urban heritage in Yerevan and advocating democratization of urban planning processes. After years of being involved in both our profession and being in the center of civic initiatives separately, we decided it’s time to bring both under one roof. UrbanLab Yerevan is a multi discipline/res

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