folding points of folded city

Folding points: A century of Yerevan
Case study: Yerevan started from 1910-2010…

Yerevan’s First Modern Master Plan dates 1906-1911 (Architect M. Mehrabyan). Second and the main Master Plan was designed by Aleksandr Tamanayan in 1925 (for 150’000 inhabitants). He took the idea of Garden city, which was in fashion in the beginning of century and put under his design.  While his idea was to build a modern capital for Armenian Republic, the urban structure has been changed. Based on that design only few streets and direction were protected. His plan became into reality partly. His fellow colleagues changed his design mid of twentieth century. Nowadays, rapidly growing Yerevan changes his structure by bringing few ideas from A. Tamanyan’s Master Plan and putting his idea under Local Developments.

In this poster we’ve tried to overlap the two old Master Plans with the Topography of early 2000’s and discover those point which are preserved from beginning of twentieth century. These points are Folding point; based on what we can unfold the urban layers


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